Rivers are your best friend if you find yourself in a survival situation or post-apocalyptic scenario. They provide you with clean drinking water – or cleanable drinking water – and now I will teach you how to get food out of it which is of course: Fish.

You can catch your own fish using multiple types of traps. The first one you would think of is with a fishing rod. Of course, you won’t always have a fishing rod nearby and there’s a big disadvantage to this method: you have to always hold or at least be close to the fishing rod in order to catch fish. It’s also very slow since you can only catch one fish at a time in most cases… so we’ll focus on the faster ways to catch fish for survival: fish traps.

Fish traps are preferable because the ones I have to share with you below are easy to set up, you can easily craft them using materials around you and they will provide a source of food that will not require you to be there at all times, which is always a bonus!

Pool / Shore fish trap


The first and easiest way I think is the pool or shore fish trap. Since rivers are close to the woods usually, there is plenty of wood at hand and you should be able to create a trap like this without a problem. Just make sure the pieces of wood are deep enough in the ground and not too far or close to each other. Go with around 1/2 inch of space in between the wood so enough water will be able to flow through without damaging the trap, without letting big fish will not be able to get away.

The fish will start to collect automatically in the fish compartment and you can just catch them with your hands, a spear or, better, a makeshift net. You should also be able to make this out of stone if that is a material more at hand, but wood is proffered.

Basket Trap


The second easiest trap you can make is the basket trap – it also works like a charm. Just take little branches of wood and a flexible one to make the circles and attach everything together with strings or vines. You can choose to put a little bit of bait in it for waters without a current or you can put it with the open side towards the current so fish swim in but will not get out. You can also make a trap like this from bit water bottles (although the fish will be much smaller).

Quick and easy!

This is how you catch fish the easy way with some easy to make, DIY Fish traps. These are, of course, for immediate survival and more advanced methods are available, but for starters, this should be enough. You have to make sure that you can survive at first, then focus on improving your traps and food gathering methods.