Hello there, I am Thomas C. and I am a prepper. This sounds like the opening phrase at an AA meeting, but it definitely is not. This is real. This is what most people should do if they want to be ready in case the s@1t hits the fan (and I personally believe that it will happen sooner rather than later).

Although I don’t want to offer too many details about myself (call it the prepper’s paranoia, if you want!) I am willing to say that I’ve started caring about being prepared relatively recently, back in 2012.

And no, it had nothing to do with the Mayan mumbo-jumbo regarding the end of the world. It just was the right time for me back then and I tried to get better at it ever since.

Also, I am not your regular US prepper with stockpiles of weapons and 20 years worth of MREs hidden in the forest. I am ready and I am getting ready on my own terms. I believe that knowing about survival techniques and being prepared is key to a happy life: even if there won’t be a major catastrophe during our lifetime, knowing basic or advanced survival stuff can save your life one day.

Or it can save the life of somebody you hold dear. And the worst part that can happen with all the food you’re stockpiling is that, if nothing bad happens, you have what it takes to feed your sorry a$s when you’re too old to go to the grocery store. It’s still a win!

But, to be honest, I believe that we might have to use our survival skills and everything we’ve learned or amassed during our prepping phase sometime soon. The world seems to be boiling, the glass seems to be full and it will probably be something small and apparently inoffensive that will start the next global catastrophe.

And when that happens, it’s better if you are prepared. At least that’s my mentality and I don’t mind if you disagree. Just make sure you don’t come to me or any other prepper in this world when it’s already too late!

I have thought about launching a blog about being prepared and survival for a long time now. I believe I have the knowledge to help make a difference and help people prepare better and learn some survival techniques, but I know that there are already a ton of other websites out there dealing perfectly with this subject.

In the end, I decided to give it a try and that’s how Prepping Tom was born. I now think that the name of the blog is silly at least, but when I first considered it, I thought it was a brilliant idea!

Either way, I am here to share with you all my prepping and survival tips and tricks, techniques and ideas, I will review survival items and gear to help you make educated choices and I will do my best to keep you informed about everything that happens in the world.

I think that I will shine in the prepping world because, as I said earlier, I am not your regular prepper (but more on this, probably, later) and if nobody decides to read my words, then at least I will have a spot on the internet where all my thoughts are in one place. But hopefully we’ll be able to connect and get better together!

Get ready! Be prepared!