How to Prepare Calcium Supplements from Eggshells

Calcium is one of the most important minerals needed by the human body as it is required to build stronger bones, but it also plays an important role in many other areas, like muscle contraction, nerve health and cell formation.

The body can usually deal with low intakes of calcium over small periods of time, as it starts to pull the calcium it needs from our own bones and teeth, but it’s better to always make sure that we have enough in our bodies.

And during a survival situation, getting a balanced diet with enough calcium might prove tricky. Well… not if you have some chicken around (or at least their eggs) as you can easily prepare eggshell calcium to meet your needs, the natural way!

In this article I’ll share with you how to easily prepare eggshell calcium, get that extra calcium from a natural source and learn why it’s extremely important for preppers and survivalists to know about it! Actually, it’s important for everybody, but most people don’t know it yet.

How to make Eggshell calcium

The best kinds of eggs for us to use are organic eggs from free-range birds.

The reason for this is that if the birds are not getting the nutrients that they need, the eggshells will not contain all the nutrients that we need (although there will still be calcium in their eggshells, no matter what). But if you want to be picky, know that free-range chicken eggs are the best.

If you’re already in a post-apocalyptic situation, home-grown chicken should be considered a great source for this as well, considering that you let your chicken roam free in the yard, consuming bugs, grass and whatever they can find, completed by the cereal you feed them with.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s see how to put the eggshells to work in order to prepare our supplements.

1. Gather up your empty eggshells and wash them as well as you can in warm water. You want to remove all of the egg white during this stage, but you do not want to remove the membrane due to its nutrients.

This part is extremely important: you want the egg shells to be as clean as possible in order to avoid bacterial contamination or other types of microorganisms getting inside your body.

A good trick here, if you know that you’re planning to prepare eggshell calcium would be to thoroughly wash the egg before breaking it, as it is easier to do so. You can even wash them with a bit of soap and rinse very, very well.

2. Lay all the broken pieces out on a paper towel and leave them to air-dry.

3. Once dried, break all the eggshells up in to small pieces and use a grinder/food processor to grind the shells up in to a fine powder.

4. Store your eggshell powder in a glass jar or a container and keep in a dry area until it is ready to be used. It will store even better in the fridge, if you have that option.

How to Take

1 tsp. usually contains around 800 -1,000 mg. of calcium (and the recommended intake for an adult male or female is 1,000 mg).

Consume by mixing in a small amount of water during a meal – it’s best to divide the tsp in 3 servings (three meals) and try not to consume more than a tsp per day as it might irritate sensitive digestive tracks.

You can get creative here and mix the powered with any sort of food you’re eating. For example, it goes very well with oats or other cereal. Try things out and see what’s the easiest way for you to get these supplements.

Getting all the nutrients that our body needs is vital not only during a survival situation or after the world as we know it ends, but also during our normal, daily lives.

If you have access to organic eggs or you carefully grow egg-laying chickens at home, you can put the eggshells to good use and not turn them into waste!

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