Are Russia, China or the US Preparing for World War 3? Should We Be Concerned?

If you use to spend some time online, you probably end up inevitably at a point where you see some publication or another announce that World War 3 is coming. And usually, it is Russia that they say to be preparing for WW3, just like a broken record that goes on for decades.

Even if you don’t read the news, it doesn’t mean that publications all over the world write more and more articles about a huge risk of a new global-scale war starting. And I am here to talk about this as well and hopefully shed some light over the whole World War 3 thing that you might or might have not heard about.

With the current situation in the world being as it is – which is terrible – many analysts start to believe that some of the countries on this planet will have no other choice than to start a war in order to survive. If they don’t have food and resources to continue their business, they must take them somehow.

So what is the deal? Why do people and journalists fear that Russia is preparing for war?

Many people use the WW3 term because it has a greater impact when read, but the truth is that most of them are actually saying that Russia is preparing for war.

Some other voices claim that it’s actually China that wants to start a war, with others considering the United States the actual culprit here.

One way or another, it’s the main superpowers of the world that are always considered to be behind a global conspiracy and on the verge of declaring war. Which, we’ll see, while not completely impossible, is very unlikely.

In the past couple of months only, the relations between the US and Russia have deteriorated, just like the relations between the US and China have (and they never were great in the first place!) but recent events have helped the entire situation turn to worse.

Although there are multiple elements that filled the cup of tension between Russia and the US, including the anti-missile defense system that is being built in Eastern Europe, conflicts in ideology, dropping oil prices and more, the current state of the world with the economy being on life support and nobody really knowing how long it will last, there is no real current event to be considered a real proof of anybody preparing for war.

Things don’t stop here, unfortunately. The US blamed Russia for cyber attacks related to the election process when Trump became president, and also blamed them for bombing down an AID convoy in Syria in the past – while Russia claims that they didn’t do it and the US knows that very well.

The US is also in a trade war with China – a war that sometimes shows signs of ending, but sometimes seems to spiral out of control – and everybody likes to flex their muscles.

But this is what superpowers do. They flex their muscles, they claim this or that, they can go as far as making direct or indirect threats… but the truth is that it’s very unlikely in today’s world for a new global scale war to commence… or even for one between the superpowers of the world. There is just too much at stake here.

So is World War 3 incoming? Will there be a Nuclear War?

These are the million-dollar questions! It’s hard to tell for sure and both those who believe that a war is coming (and that it will go nuclear), as well as those who have reasons to doubt it have solid reasons to sustain their claims.

The truth is that, no matter how you put it, the world seems to be on the brink of collapse right now and just a gentle nudge could ruin everything.

Tensions are high and when tensions are high, even a small incident can start a war that might take Earth back a few centuries or completely wipe humanity off the face of Earth if Nuclear weapons will be used. The risk is there and the risk is real, but the risk was always there and for so long we all managed to just dodge it.

However, even though you’d consider me – since I am a person that’s passionate about prepping and survival – ready to start screaming that a war will begin and humanity will end, I don’t think that the risk of World War 3 starting is as big as some voices make it sound.

The main reason for me claiming that is that nobody would have anything to gain from a war. Even more so if it would go nuclear – there would be no winners and everybody knows it.

Sure, there might be a bit of tension – or much more – between some countries who have the capability to draw in others for the fight; there might be an itchy finger on a red button here or there… but anything like that happening is very, very unlikely.

There are tensions and problems all over the world.

Relations between India and Pakistan are not getting better either. ISIS and its terrorist threats are dividing the world, with people starting to mistake all Muslims with terrorists.

The UK has decided to leave the European Union, which puts the UK in as much danger at the EU itself, if not greater since the early effects of this decision have already started to show and the Pound has dropped to historic lows, with airport exchange agencies offering less than one Euro for one Pound.

The global economy is in a bad shape and global debt is also at an all time high… and any or all of these could lead, eventually, to war.

But will it happen?

If any of the major super powers declare ware to each other (US, Russia, China), the entire world will be drawn into their war – one side or another.

Also, the entire world will have to suffer. There are no reasons to believe, in any way of form, that anybody could benefit from going to war.

Actually, I believe that the only countries that could see some sort of benefits from a global war would be those that would NOT take part in the war itself…

Russia and the US, as well as other players in this grand scheme of things, are huge superpowers. Even though one might be doing better than the other, even though there are tensions and there will always be tensions, even though things could be and have been better, none of these superpowers wants to risk losing their status, nor are stupid enough not to know that a global war will probably mean the end.

We have reached a point in history where all countries are so interlinked and depending on each other that going to war – or even cutting one of the links of the chain – would have a catastrophic event for the said country. And no super power wants to risk losing their status.

They might have bunkers, they might have some plans for war but nobody who can decide to do otherwise will choose to live their remaining days in an underground bunker, being miserable and unable to enjoy all the luxury that we can enjoy today, with the only hope that maybe their grandchildren will be able to take a breath of fresh air and walk on the face of earth again.

No. The thought of war is scary and the possibility of war starting on a global scale is higher than it has ever been in the past decades, but I personally don’t believe that it’s going to happen. After millions of years of evolution, we can’t be that stupid to destroy everything.

So my take is that there’s no major war coming and definitely no World War 3 in shape, despite the fact that the entire world is, more or less, in chaos right now.

What is your opinion though? Do you think that Russia is getting ready for war? Do you think that World War 3 is about to start and if it does – will it go nuclear?

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